Meet PEP Executives.

Ify Madu BSc. Msc. A project manager by profession. Ify is a PEP Network Executives Content Editor/Anchor lady. A wife, mother to two amazing children. She is the founder of Ify has been able to accomplish something a lot of us still aspire to do which is travelling to six of the seven continents in the world. Now you know she is a globe trotter. When she is not busy travelling, she loves cooking, spending time with family and friends as well as empowering other women in her circle.

Ngozi Aligwekwe BA Hons. MSc. PEP Network Executive Secretary. She ensures the smooth functioning of the Executive Committee and administrative responsibilities. She is also responsible for drawing up the legal documents for PEP Women Network. Ngozi is a wife, mother, and an Investment Banker by profession. When you meet her you know she is a very organised person. She enjoys event planning & coordination and interior design as her side hustle. In her spare time she loves reading, writing and travelling round the world.

 Bolakale Omidiji BSc. MSc. A Senior Business Analyst by profession. PEP Network Executive Registration and Follow up Lead. She is a wife and mother to two beautiful children. She is such a “shopaholic” and naturally started providing personal shopping services. She is also an Events Planner /Stylist. When she is not busy doing any of the interesting roles above, she loves travelling, dancing and socialising.

Bimbola Banjo Osagie BSc, BA (Hons). A PEP Network Executive Member. A wife, mother to three (and still counting) amazing children, professional property investor and Host of the Bestof2podcast. She loves to motivate women through her podcast and always happy to share insights on all things pertaining to properties, relationships and family. She currently mentors young ladies in her circle as a result. Bimbola works as a Market Risk Analyst within the financial industry. When she is not too busy podcasting, mentoring and delving into all sort of investments, she enjoys socialising, dancing, travelling and not to forget she is our very own prayer warrior on PEP Executive Board

Tolulope Doherty BSc. Msc.  PEP Network Executive Event planning lead. She is a wife, mother and PMO Manager by profession. When she is not busy being a wife and a mum, she enjoys traveling, socialising and very passionate about personal branding as a woman which is one of the many reasons she takes special interest in making her own wigs and being her own make up artist, talking about beauty and brains. She loves to dance. As a side hustle, she enjoys coordinating events.


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